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Imprisonment. Slavery. War. Love.

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This is the portal to my young adult fiction. I've also written adult fiction, so this page will help readers to find the young adult series at my main website.

About me: Dusk Peterson writes historical adventure tales that are speculative fiction: alternate history, historical fantasy, and retrofuture science fiction, including lgbtq novels and young adult fiction. Friendship, family affection, faithful service, and romance often occur in the stories. A resident of Maryland, Mx. Peterson lives with an apprentice and several thousand books.

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New stories

Dusk Peterson's latest YA fiction

Map of the Midcoast nations

Young Toughs

Alternate history and retrofuture science fiction.

In ancient times, the New World was settled by inhabitants of the three continents of the Old World. Centuries later, classical and medieval customs still hold sway in the nations of the New World. During the turbulent years between the cannonball battles and the atom bomb, life is not easy for young people.

Young Toughs is an alternate history series of tales about the struggles of youths in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Map of The Three Lands of the Great Peninsula

Young Spies

Fantasy, epic in scale, with a touch of history.

With the entire Great Peninsula at war, even the youngest inhabitants need to fight and spy against the enemies. Unfortunately, one of the youths is a god.

Young Spies is a fantasy series about a world at war, in which young men and young women take part in warfare and espionage. The series is inspired by conflicts between nations during the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages.

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Darkling Plain


Separated in time and place, these young women and young men are united in their goal: to protect those they care for from the destruction of battle. The odds are against them.

Darkling Plain is a collection of free fantasy tales about young people in times of conflict.

Author's note: These are a few of my older speculative fiction stories, written between 1995 and early 2002, before I began writing historical speculative fiction. I'm in the process of placing the stories online for your reading enjoyment. You can read each story online or you can download each story as a free e-book (in html, epub, mobi, or pdf formats) by clicking on the "Download" button toward the top of the story's page.

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